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Programmable Art Designed To Evolve On Ethereum

The wide possible use cases of Ethereum have successfully attracted different types of companies to adopt the blockchain platform. While previously Ethereum was only seen as something to issue your own ERC-20 token, nowadays it has been used for various other businesses. One of the more unique use cases is to create a programmable art.

Meet the Async Art project. With the Async Art project, artists could launch NFT arts that would slowly evolve as time goes by. This amazing innovation is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the crypto artists.

Async Art claimed that online art transactions and tokenizations are great for the advancement of the art industry but it is simply not enough. They believe there has to be a way for art to evolve over time in an immutable mechanism which is the blockchain itself. They want to stretch out the possibilities to put modern art inside the decentralized digital medium.

So, how does this Async Art work on Ethereum? Well, it is important to understand that they have two different systems which are called “Layers” and “Masters”. So, the Masters are composed from six different NFT pieces. Just like other tokenized assets on Ethereum, these pieces of NFT could also be purchased. The difference is that these tokenized NFT pieces could evolve based on their own constituent layers.

The rightful owners of Layers will be able to also use their programmed tokens with its own traits to edit certain appearances of their associated Masters.

Take an example of Async Art’s most popular piece called the “First Supper”. This First Supper has exactly 22 layers which were created by different cryptoartists, including Josie, blackboxdotart, Alotta Money,  VansDesign, TwistedVacancy, Hackatao, Coldie, XCOPY, Matt Kane, mlibty, Connie Digital, and Shortcut.

This same First Supper also received a bid worth 10 ETH.

Will Similar Projects Follow? Can Ethereum Be Used As An Immutable Ecosystem Of Digital Art?

Well, the digital art concept has been gaining its popularity in recent years. Not only that, but they are also looking for a new customizable plan to expand its identity. Ethereum, fortunately, provides that opportunity for the digital art space. Collectors are looking to buy art digitally. With the world moving toward the same #stayathome trend, it looks like digital art marketplace would become more mainstream than ever before.

It must be acknowledged that Async Art was a true pioneer in bringing programmable art into Ethereum, and it certainly won’t be the last. The real question is, whether Async Art would be able to help push other companies to adopt Ethereum in the digital art space. Being the first has its own perks but you also bear the burden of pressure – other companies might only follow your lead (to adopt Ethereum) if you show some degree of success.

When Async Art announced its press release on a certain crypto website, it was claimed that other similar projects would follow Async Art sooner or later – in adopting DLT and Ethereum blockchain to help them sell directly to the potential buyers. But, here is some devil’s advocate – have you heard of Async Art before? And if you have, how many of your contacts know about it? In order for digital art to adopt the blockchain (and especially Ethereum), Async Art needs to show satisfying results of revenues and/or branding efforts.

The Potential Of Programmable Art On Ethereum

That being said, everybody knows there are huge advantages for digital artists to start selling and producing on Ethereum. Just like Async Art, you get a lot of benefits such as an immutable ownership record, decentralized and peer-to-peer marketplace between buyers and the artists, and a trustless global environment.

Compared to traditional digital art marketplace where the third party (usually the platform itself) has too much control over the transaction activities, Ethereum pushes the boundaries much higher. From the above example with Async Art, it looks like programmable art designed to evolve on Ethereum has big potential to become much more mainstream than ever before. 

Let’s just hope Async Art or other companies who plan to sell their digital art on Ethereum would be able to achieve their targets and help other artists to promote themselves in the blockchain space. After all, it’s always better when there are more variations in Ethereum’s use cases.

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